My Rewards

How to earn reward points:

When you make your first purchases, you will earn 2 point for every dollar you spend. If collect enough points, you will be upgraded to one of special rewards levels. For example, if your accumulated reward points reach 1000, you will be upgraded to the bronze level and your points multiplier will be 5x the reward, which means that for every dollar you spend, you will earn 5 points.

My Rewards:
When you click on the My Rewards button on the home screen, you will see the following screen which has all of your earned rewards. Your rewards screen is divided into 3 sections: Points, Rewards, and Scan. YOu will also see your total reward points earned up to date and total points needed to upgrade to the next reward level. Also, there is a button which will show the history of reward points earned.

If you click on the Rewards Tab, you will see available items that could be redeemed with your earned reward points. For example, to redeem the Beautiful Dad Letters Keychain, you need 100 reward points.

If your reward points reached the needed points you can click on the desired item and enter this password: redeem123 to claim your prize. When finished, click on the history button and take a screenshot and send the picture to: [email protected].

* Please note that in order to receive the reward, your profile must be completed with your correct address.

When you click on the Scan tab, you will see the following screen. When you have completed your purchase, take a screenshot of the Scan screen and sent it to us with your receipt you have received from us. Send both pictures to: [email protected] and we will verify your purchases and reward you with point depending on your reward level multiplier. For example, if you purchase a necklace for the amount of $25 and your reward level is Silver, we will multiply your purchase amount by 10 points. 25×10 = 250 points will be added to your account.

To show our appreciations for your business with us, we will send you promo codes that you can get rewarded with points. Enter the promo code in the field as shown in the following picture and hit submit. You can check your reward points balance in the points section.

In the following screens, you will see the rewards that you will get from each reward level.


* Disclaimer: Prizes, discounts cards, and reward points are subject to our terms and conditions found here.

Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win:

Scratch cards are great way to have discounts on many of our items. By clicking on the scratch and win button, a screen will popup (just like the above one) and you can scratch this screen with your finger to get your discount card. You can get a chance to win a 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% discount card once in every 24 hours.

How to claim your discount card:
1- Take a screenshot of your winning discount card.
2- Share it to your social media accounts and mention Charmingift in your post.
3- Send us a screenshot of at least one of your social media posts.
4- Submit all screenshots to: [email protected]
5- We will send redeem code to enter to claim your prize and discount coupon to enter at checkout.


* Disclaimer: Prizes, discounts cards, and reward points are subject to our terms and conditions found here.

Action Points

Action Points are rewarded for for actions you take on certain areas of the app. For example, you received a push notification from us for a special offer we are having on certain items. If you share this notification with your family and friends or with any of your contacts, you will be awarded points. Also, you will get points for completing your profile. For example, if you put your first name, you will be awarded 10 points. Here is a list of all action points you can get:

Profile Points:

1- First Name = 5
2- Last Name = 5
3- Email = 10
4- Phone = 10
5- Gender = 5
6- Birthday = 10
7- Address = 5
8- Province = 5
9- Country = 5


Other Action Points

Registration Points = 10
Notification Sharing = 1
Image Sharing = 1
Social Media Like = 1
Website Visit = 1


How to share?

Sharing is very simple and easy process. Lets say you want to share a notification or an image from our image gallery. This is how you do it:

1- Click on the notification.
2- Click on the share button located in the top right corner.
3- Click on the desired sharing methode.


You can redeem your points for great rewards. Also, you can transfer point between app users. For example, you and your friend have downloaded the app and each of you have points. When you click on transfer button, a screen will popup and you can search for your friend`s name and enter the amount of points to be transfered.



* Disclaimer: Prizes, discounts cards, and reward points are subject to our terms and conditions found here.

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